Let's make some fun videos

A different style for your OnlyFans content

Offering a different style than your usual content, this can provide fresh and interesting material for your audience.

Bringing you a larger audience from Asia

210K followers on X (Twitter). This could help you reach a larger audience from Asia and other regions.


Collaborate with creators who perform on OnlyFans.
If you’re not on OnlyFans, you’re still welcome too.



Instead of retweeting on X (Twitter), let’s make some fun short videos to boost 🚀 each other’s growth. Here is some rough ideas below:

A very short video for X (Twitter) / OnlyFans

[30 sec to 3 mins video]
A short video of you flashing your dick and playing for a bit, even cumming, would make for some interesting content on X (Twitter). If we don’t have much time to arrange things, we can film in the street/public areas/parking lots/parks/beaches/outdoor spaces/cruising spots… 

A video for OnlyFans

[3 mins to 10 mins video]
Sex scenes in general. It would be great if you could have someone to perform with you. 

I’m open to discussing ideas!!! Feel free to contact me.



• I take videos for you as a videographer. (I won’t be in the videos)
• We share the videos I produce on our own OnlyFans or other platforms.
• We post short clips on X(Twitter) and tag each other.

About Jao

I am a solo filmmaker from Taiwan with 8 years of experience in the industry, I do everything myself—I don’t have a fancy studio or a crew.  I’m currently traveling in Europe (May, June 2024). Let’s make some fun videos!

Please contact via X(Twitter)Instagram