Terms and Conditions

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I. Terms of recognition and acceptance

JAOfilm.com  (hereinafter referred to as the website) provides online subscription service and downloadable digital goods service (hereinafter referred to as the digital goods service) in accordance with the terms. When consumers purchase, use the service or register members, they have read, understood and agreed to accept all contents of this terms. The website has the right to modify or change the contents of the terms of service of digital goods at any time. The modified contents will be published on the website without individual notice to consumers. Consumers shall be deemed to read, understand and agree to accept any modification or change when they continue to use the service. If you do not agree to the above-mentioned service terms amendment or update method, or do not accept any other agreement of the service terms, the user shall immediately stop using the service. 
The contents, services and commodities of this website contain adult content, which are based on artistic creation and protected by intellectual property rights. In accordance with relevant regulations, this website is blocked by warning windows on pages containing adult content. Therefore, when you agree to enter this website and browse or use this website service, it is deemed that you understand, accept and agree to receive any form of media such as image, video, text, etc. containing adult content. This website does not provide services for users under the age of 18 or the applicable age of majority in the jurisdiction where the website is accessed. If you are a minor, you should stop using this service immediately. 

2. Change of service content and sending email direct marketing

1. Consumers and members agree on the scope of the services provided by this website, and this website can increase, decrease, change or terminate the items or contents of relevant services according to the business needs and actual situation, without individual notice to consumers and members. 
 2. Consumers and members agree that the website may add, modify or terminate relevant activities according to the actual implementation, and choose the most appropriate way to inform consumers and members. 
 3. Consumers and members agree that this website may from time to time send emails or commodity messages to the email accounts registered by consumers and members. When consumers and members refuse to accept marketing after receiving the message, this website will stop sending marketing message. 

3. Digital product description

This service only provides digital downloadable file service, such as EPUB file format. Consumers and members are obliged to test before purchase and confirm whether the device you hold can operate normally before purchase. Digital goods service does not guarantee that it can run on all mobile devices. Consumers need to prepare appropriate devices and download and install corresponding applications according to device type to use and open digital goods files smoothly. Digital goods serve iOS devices, OS devices and other existing or future system platforms that may be added. The functions provided by digital goods may have some experience differences due to the different system platforms they run. Consumers need to understand and accept when installing. 
This service does not guarantee that Android devices can operate normally and use the EPUB file format type of this service. Before using this service, consumers who use Android devices must first test whether they can operate smoothly and browse the EPUB file format. 

4. Link usage specification for downloading digital goods

Consumers and members will receive a download link via email after payment is completed. Due to the reproducible nature of digital products, each download link has limited permission. Link is set to limit 2 times of downloads, and the download period is 7 days (from the completion of payment, the system generation date will prevail, please refer to the email notice). Once the link is clicked, downloaded twice or after the download expiration date, the link will automatically expire. Consumers are required to download the file as soon as possible and are obliged to keep the file properly. No other download link or transfer file will be provided for this service. The download link is for personal use only and is strictly prohibited to be shared with other third parties. 
The download link of each transaction is the only specific link. Each click of the download link system will automatically record the IP location of the downloader. Please do not share the link with a third party. If consumers or members have shared links, the website can suspend all or part of the services or simply cancel the account number of members. 

5. Authorization and restrictions on the use of digital goods

Digital goods service only authorizes consumers to read and watch goods for personal non-commercial use. Except for the express authorization of this clause, all rights are reserved by this website and its authorizer. Without the authorization or consent of the website and its owner, consumers shall not use any software or tool to record or retrieve all or part of the contents and files of the digital goods, for public distribution or other access to copies of the contents. According to relevant laws and regulations on intellectual property and copyright, no one is allowed to share, reprint, copy, post, or sell any products and contents from JAOCHIHWEI.com. The above acts are illegal. If any individual or company infringes upon this work, it will pursue its rights and interests according to law and may incur civil or criminal liabilities. 

6. Return policy of digital goods

There is no hesitation period for digital products that have been provided with “preview works or trailers”; no refund will be accepted after purchase. 
Before purchasing, consumers and members have the obligation to preview the content, test and confirm the EPUB file format of your device, and place an order. When you complete the purchase payment, it is deemed that you have tested, confirmed that your device can run, and browsed EPUB and other digital product file formats. 

7. Stop and interruption of service

The website will maintain the normal operation of the system and services in accordance with the general and reasonable technology and methods. However, this website has the right to stop or interrupt the provision of this service in the following circumstances: 
When necessary maintenance and construction of electronic communication equipment of the website. 
In case of sudden failure of electronic communication equipment. 
When the electronic communication service applied for by this website is stopped and cannot be provided. 
When the website is unable to provide services due to force majeure such as natural disasters or other factors not attributable to the website. 

8. Protection of intellectual property rights

1. All the contents of the website and commodities used in this website, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, website picture arrangement, web page design, are all owned by this website according to law, including but not limited to trademark right, patent right, copyright, business secret and proprietary technology. No one may directly use, modify, reproduce, broadcast publicly, alter, distribute, distribute or publish. Respect for intellectual property rights is the obligation of consumers and members. In case of any violation, consumers and members shall be liable for damages (including but not limited to legal fees and attorney fees). 2. Under the principle of respecting the intellectual property rights of others, consumers and members agree not to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others when using the services of this website. 
 3. In case of infringement by consumers or members, this website can suspend all or part of the services or simply cancel the member account. 

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


JAOfilm.com (以下簡稱本網站)依據本條款提供線上訂閱內容服務、數位商品檔案下載服務(以下簡稱數位商品服務)。當消費者購買、使用本服務或註冊會員時,即表示已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受本條款之所有內容。本網站有權於任何時間修改或變更數位商品服務條款之內容,修改後的內容將公布網站上,將不會個別通知消費者。消費者於任何修改或變更後繼續使用本服務時,視為已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受該等修改或變更。若不同意上述的服務條款修訂或更新方式,或不接受本服務條款的其他任一約定,使用者應立即停止使用本服務。

本網站內容、服務與商品含有成人內容影像,其內容以藝術創作為出發並受智慧財產權保護。本網站根據相關規定於含有成人內容頁面設置有警告視窗阻擋,因此您同意進入本網站並瀏覽或使用本網站服務時,視為您瞭解、接受並同意接收含有成人內容之影像、影音、文字等任何形式之媒介。本網站不提供服務於未滿 18 歲的使用者或訪問該網站所在司法管轄區中適用的成年年齡,若您是未成年人應自行立即停止使用本服務。




本服務僅提供數位檔案下載服務,如:EPUB 檔案格式。消費者、會員有義務於購買前進行測試、確認您持有的裝置是否可正常運行該數位商品之檔案格式才進行購買。數位商品服務並不保證可運行於所有行動裝置,消費者需自行準備合宜之裝置並根據裝置類型下載安裝對應之應用程式以順利使用、開啟數位商品檔案。數位商品服務於 iOS 裝置、OS 裝置以及其他現有或未來可能增加之系統平台等,其所提供之功能將因運行的系統平台不同而可能產生部分體驗上的差異,消費者安裝時皆需理解及接受。
本服務不保證安卓 Android 裝置可正常運行使用本服務之 EPUB 檔案格式類型,使用安卓 Android 裝置之消費者,在使用本服務前,須先自行測試是否能順利運行、瀏覽 EPUB 檔案格式。


消費者、會員購買數位商品在付款完成後會透過 Email 電子郵件收到下載連結,因數位商品有可複製之特性,故每組下載連結皆設有限定權限。每組連結被設定限制下載次數限為 2 次,下載期限為 7 日(自付款完成後算起,實際將以系統產生日期為主,請見電子郵件通知)。一但該連結被點擊、下載 2 次或超過下載期限日期後,連結將自動失效。消費者須儘速下載檔案並有義務自行妥善保管存放該檔案,本服務將不再另外提供其他下載連結或傳送檔案。下載連結僅提供消費者個人使用並嚴禁分享於其他第三人。

每筆交易的下載連結都是唯一特定連結,每次點擊下載連結系統皆會自動記錄下載人之 IP 位置,請勿將連結分享與第三人。若消費者、會員設有分享連結之情時,本網站可暫停全部或部份之服務,或逕自以取消會員帳號之方式處理。  


數位商品服務僅授權消費者供個人非商業用途之方式,來閱讀、使用及顯示商品,除本條款明文授權外,其餘一切權利均由本網站及其授權人保留。 在未獲得本網站及其所有權人授權或同意前,消費者不得使用任何軟體或工具,試圖側錄或擷取該數位商品中全部或部分內容及檔案,進行公開散佈或另行存取內容副本。本著作物依智慧財產權及著作權等相關法令,嚴禁任何人善意或惡意轉載、拷貝、張貼、盜拷販賣,以上行為均屬違法。若有任何個人或公司侵害本著作,將依法追朔權益並可能會產生民事或刑事責任。



購買前,消費者、會員有義務先行試閱內容以及測試、確認您的裝置可執行閱讀 EPUB 檔案格式,確實有購買該項商品之需求及意願時始下單購買。當您購買完成付款時,視為您已進行測試、確認您的裝置可運行、瀏覽 EPUB 等數位商品檔案格式。